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    Sex offender registry: Pros outweigh cons

    This article first appeared on FMT. Image sourced from FMT. Giving the public access to a sex offender registry could potentially lead to acts of revenge or vigilantism, but the benefits of having one are more important, says a criminologist. Commenting on fresh calls for a sex offender registry, USM criminologist P Sundramoorthy said there…

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    Canada Serial Rapist is A Walking Time Bomb

    This article first appeared on FMT. Image is sourced from FMT. Convicted serial rapist Selva Kumar Subbiah, who is expected to be deported to Malaysia soon, cannot be allowed to move around freely in society as he is still considered a person of high risk, a criminologist said today. Universiti Sains Malaysia criminologist Prof P…

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    No Mercy On Those Who Deal Out Street Justice

    This post first appeared on FMT.  Image is sourced from FMT. PETALING JAYA: A criminologist has urged the courts to impose the maximum penalties on those found guilty of dealing out street justice. P Sundramoorthy, an associate professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia and a member of the Research Team on Crime and Policing, said maximum…

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    Police presence and acts of terror

    This article first appeared here. IT TOOK only one shooter to kill 39 people and injure 70 on New Year’s Day in Istanbul although 17,000 police personnel were on duty. According to Turkish media, the killer arrived in a taxi, retrieved a bag from the trunk and removed the automatic barrel and began to shoot….

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    Pros for sentencing guidelines

    This article first appeared on The Star and is available at this link. IF our country’s prisons are not struggling with problems of overcrowding yet, they will do so soon enough. Creative and constructive solutions are needed to address this problem, with an emphasis on treating imprisonment as a punishment of last resort. In other…

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