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    Keyed Up Over Bullying

    Image above is sourced from The Star. “Bullying is a real concern for school authorities, teachers, students and parents / guardians. The general public and authorities and all interested parties must continue its concerted efforts to help bring intense focus and awareness to this malaise. MCPF will continue its efforts with the Education Department, JPJKK IPK…

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    Is sexual harassment caused by sex addiction?

    This article first appeared on The Star. AS US police move closer to charge Harvey Weinstein for sex crimes, the Hollywood mogul is holing up in an exclusive rehabilitation centre in Arizona for a 45-day sex addiction treatment programme. “Guys, I’m not doing OK. I’ve got to get help to conquer my demons,” he had…

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    Monster Youngsters

    This article first appeared on The Star. Image above sourced from The Star. The violent tendencies taking root in our society are a concern, say experts. THEY allegedly dragged two gas tanks, stolen from a nearby stall, up two flights of stairs before stacking them up in front of the dormitory door with their nozzles…

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    When our sanctuary is threatened

    This article was first seen on The Star. THE recent brutal killing of a policeman at the Pinggiran Subang Jaya police station raises many questions about the security and safety of police stations across the country. This horrific incident did not occur in a police beat base (pondok polis) or an isolated station in a…

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