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    Chemical castration no guaranteed solution

    * Image is sourced from FMT on this article. This article first appeared on FreeMalaysiaToday (FMT) and is available at this link. PETALING JAYA: Chemical castration may not necessarily prevent a convicted sex offender from attacking more victims in the future simply because physical sexual gratification is not the only factor behind a sexual assault,…

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    Inviting Trouble

    Full Story below by Christina Chin of The Star ([email protected]) Don’t leave your properties vacant or you could end up deep in debt – or worse, on a loan shark’s hit list. WHITE collar criminals and conmen are cashing in on vacant houses. Previously, owners only had vagrants and drug addicts to worry about if…

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    Understanding Terrorism

    THE social phenomenon of violent acts of terrorism has an intellectual and behavioural context that needs to be objectively analysed without prejudice. Many would argue that the way to counter acts of terrorism is to address the supposed grievances that arise from deprivation of civil rights, human rights and democracy. Then, is the deliberate targeting…

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    Teach Children to Stay Away from Harm

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 — Just how many parents have taken the trouble to teach their children on personal safety in open space – inside and outside school, on the road – or while surfing the Internet? And just how many parents have taught their children to say “no” to any stranger’s request? Maybe a few…

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    RTD Firm On Using AES

    PUTRAJAYA, Oct 17 — The Road Transport Department (RTD) is firm on implementing the Automated Enforcement System (AES) to lower road accident and death rates by raising public awareness using the Perception of Being Caught (POBC). In fact it was not aimed at imposing summonses and fines on road users or to profit the companies…

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