MCPF Penang Website Visitors’ Log chalks up record 7,278 Hits in January 2018


MCPF Penang Website Visitors’ Log which had ‘spiked’ to an Record High of 7,196 Hits in December 2017 rose marginally to 7,278 Hits in January 2018, thus breaking the previous highest level by 82 Hits. The Highest Single Day Number of Visitors remained relatively high at 639 Hits.

The continuation of this unprecedented performance has been largely due to our Website being linked to the upcoming 10th Asian Criminological Society Conference (June 2018) of which MCPF Penang has been invited as a collaborative partner with the organizers alongside USM Security Department.

We anticipate this ‘phenomenal’ level to be sustained through at least the 1st Quarter in the run-up to 10th Asian Criminological society Conference. In any case, with efforts by MCPF Penang SLC as well as its five DLCs and working in collaboration with PDRM, USM, Penang State Education Department, other Governmental Agencies and NGOs, we envisage reaching out to a widening audience visiting Website.

Past Events

  • Celebrating Thaipusam with PDRM and the Community

    MCPF Penang SLC continued to show its support to PDRM, the Indian / Hindu Community and all who celebrated Thaipusam in this year’s Thaipusam Festival on 31st January 2018. Visiting the PDRM Thaipusam Booth were MCPF Penang Deputy Chairman Dato’ K. Pulayantran and SLC Members Maj. (H) M. Kaleessvaran, Munusamy Muniandy and Paramguru Balan Moghan….

  • Consumer Awareness Event at SMK Simpang Ampat, Seberang Perai Selatan

    MCPF Penang Deputy Chairman Dato’ K. Pulayantran officiated at a Consumer Rights Seminar that was hosted by SMK Simpang Ampat, Seberang Perai Selatan on 29th January 2018. This Event with the Theme “Smart Consumer, Success for Malaysia” (“Pengguna Bijak Malaysia Berjaya”) organized by Penang Branch of the Voice of the Consumers’ Association, Malaysia (Pertubuhan Suara…

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