Objectives & Mission

a) The primary aim of the Foundation is to promote public awareness and participation in crime prevention effort in tandem with the cor-ordinated effort of the government ad private organization interested or involved in crime prevention and the criminal justice system in Malaysia.

b) The Foundation shall also contribute to the enhancement of effective measures for crime prevention and the treatment of the offenders by way of survey, research and other programmes on the basis of solidarity and mutual cooperation among persons involved with criminal justice system in countries of the Asian region, thus pursuing the ultimate goal of peace and stability in the region.

c) The Foundation shall provide a forum for the exchange and coordination of ideas, concepts and programs pertaining to crime prevention.

d) The Foundation shall encourage extensive citizen and community involvement in the reduction of crime and criminal opportunity.

e) The Foundation shall encourage maximum cooperation between all segments of the criminal justice system in addition to improve communication with all citizens towards the goal of crime reduction.

f) The Foundation shall do all things necessary and proper to promote crime prevention planning and implementation for Malaysian citizens.

g) The Foundation shall receive and administer all funds for the fulfillment of the above objectives for the benefit of all Malaysian irrespective of race, creed and religion.


a) Organize, coordinate, promote activities and assist other organizations, institutions, bodies and persons for the purpose of crime prevention.

b) Organize or assist in organizing public lectures, training sessions, symposia, seminars, exhibitions and other meetings concerning research, training and public enlightenment and awareness in connection with crime prevention and the treatment of offenders.

c) Conduct, assist or encourage such activities as survey, research and related activities in the field of crime prevention and the treatment of offenders.

d) Publish and distribute pamphlets, periodicals and other relevant literature to expound the aims and objectives of the Foundation subject to the prior approval of the relevant authorities.

e) Publish, exchange and distribute documents and source materials concerning crime and criminal justice mainly in Asia.

f) Send, invite, assists in sending or inviting researchers experts in the field of crime prevention and the treatment of offenders, regardless of their place o residence.

g) Assist the activities of those who work for the rehabilitation of victims, offenders and former offenders in Malaysia.

h) Collaborate and co-operate with other related organizations inside and outside Malaysia particularly the United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of offenders (UNAFEI) and other similar regional organizations.

i) At least 70% of all incomes and donations in the Foundation shall be utilized for the fulfillment of the declared objectives which shall include the cost and expenses for the administration of the Foundation.

j) Collect or receive grants, endowments, donations and legacies from individuals or organizations or from any other source for the promotion of the objectives of the Foundation.

k) Solicit funds to support and sustain non-commercial activities organized in fulfillment of its declared objectives.

l) Generate income by utilizing not more than 30% of all incomes and donations of the Foundation in short-term investment and the profits of which shall be used solely to fulfill the objectives of the Foundation.

m) Contribute toward the rehabilitation of and assistance to the victims of crime where such assistance is considered by the Foundation to be appropriate according to the merits of each case.

n) To make and publish statement to government and/or the media in relation to crime.  All media statements shall be made by the Foundation’s spokesperson authorized by the Foundation.

o) To make recommendations for the introduction of new laws or to improve the existing laws in relation to the criminal justice system and the punishment of offenders.


The Prime Minister of Malaysia shall be the Patron and the Life Member of the Foundation.

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