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    Improving English in the force

    A REPORTER in Bukit Mertajam recently asked me to comment on the decision made by the police to improve English proficiency in the force especially among the senior officers. He claimed that some groups are protesting the move, alleging that the police force is sacrificing the use of the national language. I must say I…

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    How ‘Malaysia Boleh’ can lead the young astray

    PETALING JAYA: Young people are being led astray by the failure of leaders in society to set exemplary examples against corruption, as well as a culture that accepts bending of rules and laws, says a criminologist. “A classic example is that our norms convey that it is absolutely acceptable to bend rules, regulations and laws,”…

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    Democracy and police accountability

    OVER the last decade or more, Malaysia has been stirred by profound concerns about policing practices. Such concerns reach all the way to the top of the federal government. The solution is both simple and profound if democratic accountability in policing is implemented and practised without any prejudice. Democratic accountability is an integral component of contemporary…

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