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5th International Security Seminar with the Theme “The Impact of Cyberspace on Conventional Crime: Addressing Critical Challenges and Strategies” at The Wembley, A St. Giles Hotel, George Town on 24th / 25th September 2019


MCPF Penang in collaboration with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM); American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) Malaysia and Royal Malaysia Police, Penang Contingent successfully held the 5th International Security Seminar at The Wembley, A St. Giles Hotel, George Town on 24th / 25th September 2019. This 5th International Seminar (the previous being held in 2004, 2008, 2011 and 2015) had a full house of 12 established speakers who are expertise in their rights with regards to the ever growing global threat of Cybercrime.

The Theme chosen by the Organizing Committee was “The Impact of Cyberspace on Conventional Crime: Addressing Critical Challenges and Strategies”. MCPF Penang State Chairman Y.Bhg. Dato’ Seri Syed Jaafar Syed Ali delivered the Welcome Address to over 80 participants, 12 Speakers, Invitees, Organizing Committee, MCPF Penang SLC / DLC Members and Members of the Press / Media. The Chief Police Officer of Penang YDH CP Dato’ Narenasagaran Thangaveloo officiated the Opening of the Seminar which was followed by a Press Conference. Dato’ Naren himself kept the crowd in rasp attention with his Keynote Address which was highlighted by his sharing of Cybercrime Statistics in Penang State, the various modus operandi used by cybercriminals and reminders on how to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime. Spotted amongst the crowd during the Opening proceedings were Y.Bhg. Dato’ AR Yew Tung Seang, Mayor of the City Council of Penang; YDH SAC Dato’ Mohamad Anil Shah, Head of Department – Crime Prevention and Community Safety, RMP Penang and YDH ACP Amarpall Singh Sidhu, Deputy Head of Department – Special Branch, RMP Penang. MCPF SLC Members picking up the thoughts of Dato’ Naren included Deputy Chairman Y.Bhg. Dato’ K. Pulayantran, Maj. (Rtd) Wan Abdul Hamid (also Vice-Chairman [II] of SPS DLC), Felix Chuah Gim Chuan (also Vice-Chairman [II] of Timur Laut DLC) and Choo Eng Hin. DLC Members in the crowd included from Barat Daya Velayit Hussein (Secretary), Jarmy Goh, Nicholas Chang Gim Hooi and J. Philip Vincent; from Timur Laut Ronald Cecil Aeria (Secretary), Peter Paul Arokiyasamy (Seminar Participant) and Teoh Kheng Tatt; from SPU Madzuki bin Md Nor (Treasurer), Mariappan G. Krishnasamy and Haribalan Gopal; from SPT Jacob Pao King Hing (Secretary) and Victor Lim Kok Hooi; and, from SPS Bryan Chuah Jin Hooi.

Over the course of the two-day Seminar, participants were brought up-to-speed on Cybercrime perspectives by international Speakers and Local expertise and Academia.

The list of Speakers’ covering topics within their domain and expertise encompassed: 1. Y.Bhg. Dato’ Sri Akhbar Satar (Founder and President, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Malaysia Chapter): “Good Governance, Integrity and Cyberspace”; 2. Associate Professor Dr. Selvakumar Manickam (Universiti Sains Malaysia): “Social Engineering – Arsenal for Committing Cybercrime; 3. Mr. Mohammad Fadzil Haron (Head of Security Architecture and Governance, Financial Services): “Fraudulent Transaction Exploring Cyber Security Vulnerabilities”. 4. Mr. Henry Ee (Founder and Managing Director of BCP Asia); 5. Mr. Marcello de Azambuja (Digital Crime Officer, Cybercrime Directorate – Interpol): “Strategies in Combating Cybercrime”; 6. Professor Dr. Mohamad Fauzan Hj. Noordin (International Islamic University Malaysia): “Cybersecurity in Era of Social Media and Disruptive Technology”; 7. Mr. Peter Tan (ASIS Singapore): “Physical and IT Security UNITE – The Holistic Enterprise Security Risk Management Framework”; 8. Lt. Col. (Rtd) Ts Sazali Sukardi (Cyber Security Malaysia): “Big Data Analytics and Cybersecurity”; 9. Mr. Dave Avran (Social Media Strategist / Founder of MARAH): “How to Identify and Protect against Cybercrime”; 10. Mr. Ken Gamble (IFW Global, Australia): “Cyber Fraud and Cryptocurrency Scams: A Billion Dollar Criminal Enterprise”; 11. Y.Bhg. Associate Professor Dato’ Dr. P. Sundramoorthy (Universiti Sains Malaysia): “Victims, Offenders and Society: A Critical Insight on Cybercrime”.

The relevance of this ever threatening clear and present danger attracted extensive Press coverage. Key concerns, updates and tips shared with the participants by YDH CP Dato’ Narenasagaran Thangaveloo, Speakers and including Assoc. Prof Dr. Selvakumar Manickam and Y.Bhg. Assoc. Prof Dr. P. Sundramoorthy were published. MCPF Penang SLC, Organizing Committee and Speakers had the opportunity to interact and share their thoughts and perspectives with each other over dinner during the night of 24th September 2019. Kudos to the Organizing Committee Chaired by Dr. EL Ching; Secretary Ridzuan Md Zain; Treasurer Harikumar Katherasen; Assoc. Prof Dr. Selvakumar Manickam; Rosli Mohamed Ali; James Mohan; Johnny Michael Tan; M. Kaleessvaran; Paramaguru Balan Moghan; Munusamy Muniandy; Yazid Razali; Victor Lim Kok Hooi; Jacob Pao King Hing; Suraya Abdullah and Che Aini Mohd Desa. Ribuan Terima Kasih to the Advisors Y.Bhg. Dato’ Seri Syed Jaafar Syed Ali, YDH CP Dato’ Narenasagaran Thangaveloo and Y.Bhg. Assoc. Prof Dato’ Dr. P. Sundramoorthy.

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