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Community Outreach and Traffic Summons Discount Program at Machang Bubok, SPT


YDH SAC Dato’ Mohamad Anil Shah, HOD, CPCSD RMP Penang cum MCPF Penang Vice-Chairman (I); YDH Supt. Saw Hock Tek, Staff Officer (Community Policing) for CPCSD, RMP Penang cum ex-Officio MCPF Penang SLC and YDH Supt. Wan Saharuddin (Head of Department, Investigation and Enforcement Department of Trafik, RMP Penang) were in attendance at a Community Outreach and Traffic Summons Discount Program at the Car Park area of Hotel Vangohh Eminent, Alma, Machang Bubuk, SPT on 16th December 2018. YDH Supt. Mohd Mustafa bin Bidin, Deputy OCPD of SPT District and senior Officers from SPT District Police HQ and other Police Officers and Staff and the General Public attended this day-long event. The general public were grateful that the 50% discount on Traffic Summons had been made available to them and 375 members of the public paid a total of RM 315,930.00 covering 2,621 outstanding traffic summons.

The Royal Malaysia Police took the opportunity to interact with the 1,000+ crowd and visitors were also made aware of crimes that were under focused attention in SPT. The Volunteer Smartphone Patrol application was actively promoted. The Royal Malaysia Police were also grateful that members of the public brought up to their attention their concerns on drug related crimes in Alma, Machang Bubok and that the RMP efforts to curb these crimes and activities were much appreciated.

Past Events

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