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MCPF Penang supports and co-organizes RMP Penang’s “Program Kepolisan Alaf Baru 2020” at Penang Golf Club


The highly anticipated Royal Malaysia Police, Penang Contingent Program co-organized by MCPF Penang “Kepolisan Alaf Baru 2020” was hosted by Penang Golf Club on 19th December 2019. MCPF Penang Chairman Y.Bhg. Dato’ Seri Syed Jaafar Syed Ali delivered a lively Welcoming Address to the participants mainly consisting of Ketua Polis Daerah (OCPDs) of Penang’s 5 Districts and 44 Ketua Polis Balai (OCSs). This Workshop Program centered on extensive sharing and insights from OCPDs and OCs and an insightful response and analysis by Y.Bhg. Dato’ Sri Akbar Satar, Founder and President, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Malaysia Chapter. The Closing Address was by YDH CP Dato’ Narenasagaran Thangaveloo, Chief Police Officer of Penang. Seated at the Main Panel Table were Y.Bhg. Dato’ Sri Akbar Satar; YDH SAC Zundin bin Mahmood, HOD, JPJKK [CPCSD\ RMP Penang Contingent cum MCPF Penang Vice-Chairman (I); Y.Bhg. Dato’ Seri Syed Jaafar Syed Ali; Y.Bhg. Dato’ K. Pulayantran, Deputy Chairman, MCPF Penang and Encik Rosli Mohamed Ali, Vice-Chairman (II), MCPF Penang. Other MCPF Penang attendees included Secretary cum SPT DLC Chairman Dr. EL Ching; SLC Member M. Kaleessvaran; SLC Member cum SPS DLC Chairman Paramaguru Balan Moghan; SLC Member Yazid Razali; SLC Member cum SPU DLC Chairman Munusamy Muniandy; SLC Member cum SPT DLC Treasurer Ridzuan Md Zain; SLC Member Joseph Sawaremuthu; SLC Member cum Barat Daya DLC Chairman James Mohan – also the livewire Master of Ceremony); SLC Member cum Timur Laut DLC Chairman Johnny Michael Tan. Also spotted amongst the crowd as a ‘host’ of Penang Golf Club rep was MCPF Timur Laut DLC Secretary Ronald Cecil Aeria and receiving the Token of Appreciation on behalf of Penang Golf Club CEO / MCPF Penang SLC Member cum MCPF Federal EXCO Y.Bhg. Dato’ Ong Poh Eng was Mr. Ong Chin Keong.

The Workshop Discussion Segment proceeded smoothly with 6 Speakers delivering and sharing the thoughts of their breakout groups (KPD/OCPD) and 5 different individuals representing the KPB/OCSs. They eloquently brought greater clarity on challenges and issues with regards to their respective topics. The OCPDs topic “Persepsi Masyarakat Terhadap PDRM dan Cabaran-Cabaran Masa kini” was presented by YDH ACP Soffian bin Santong (OCPD, North-East District). Sharing on behalf of the KPB/OCSs were Sub-Insp. (Timur Laut) Rahman bin Din; OCS from Bayan Baru ASP Halim bin Harun; Balai Polis Teluk Kumbar Insp. Suhaimi bin Mat; representative for SPU/SPT Sgt. Haslinda binti Hassanuddin; and Simpang Ampat OCS Insp. Surestaran a/l Kawander Pillai. Emphasis was made covering ‘Talk to Us’ Program; 1M1P extending to all places of worship including churches and temples; use of URB and MPV to reach out to communities; ‘Scams’ plaguing our society; Community Policing; speed of response by PDRM; Collaborative and Smart Partnership; importance of MCPF to assist in enhancing the image of our Police Force; linkage with NGOs, Residential Associations, Rukun Tetangga, AADK, Majlis Pengurusan Komuniti Kampung (MPKK); PDRM’s inevitable linkage with all facets of community concerns from A to Z / Cradle to Grave; funding needs; maintenance requirements especially with regards to aging Police vehicles; HPP (High Profile Policing); addressing young kids / teenagers issues like Basikal (Mat) Lajak; SRS (Skuad Rondaan Sukarela); and importance of School Programs. Dato’ Sri Akbar Satar spoke at length on his perspectives and responses to all the 6 speakers drawing upon his vast experiences in the Government Sector as well as his current endeavors. It was enlightening, interactive and kept the audience enthralled. In his Closing Address, YDH CP Dato’ Naren underlined the key roles of KPDs / KPBs as the ‘Frontline’ of PDRM. He also encouraged the positive values of current Social Media communications like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp etc. He touched on new clear and present terrain like Scams and new technologies that impact the focus and needed counter-measures of society like PDRM. Lastly he thanked Dato’ Seri Syed Jaafar / MCPF Penang, Dato’ Sri Akbar Satar and Penang Golf Club for helping to make this ½ day Program a resounding success and urged all participants to benefit from their enhanced knowledge.

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