MCPF Penang Website Visitors’ Log 2018 YTD (Jan-Oct) continues to clock a steady 4.5k+ Monthly Average for past 4 months (July-Oct 2018)


MCPF Penang Website Visitors’ Log achieved a consistent 4,552 hits in October 2018 bringing the monthly average of 2018 to 7,079.40 Visitors per month compared to 2017’s 3,254.67 per month and 2016’s 1,445.10 per month. The Visitors’ Log hit rate has stabilized to a good average of 4,581.50 hits per month from July to Oct 2018. The Maximum Unique Visitors per day stood at a strong 387 hits with the Minimum Unique Visitors per day chalking a good 264 hits.

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