MCPF Penang Website Visitors’ Log achieves a record high 102,252 Hits for 2019!


MCPF Penang Website Visitors’ Log has had an impressive Visitors’ Log in December 2019 of 9,110 Hits bringing the total for 2019 to a stupendous level of 102,252 Hits and increasing the monthly average to 8,521.00 Hits matched against 2018’s 6,755.00 per month, 2017’s 3,254.67 per month and 2016’s 1,445.10 per month. Continued viewing of our Website has been maintained at a healthy level with continuing interest by MCPF fraternity and the community at large that it is engaged with at District, State and National levels. The Maximum Unique Visitors per day touched 911 hits whilst the Minimum Unique Visitors per day was at 425. Cumulatively since this data had been closely monitored, MCPF Penang’s Website have had a total of 236,819 Hits.

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