MCPF Penang Website Visitors’ Log kicks off 2019 with 5.5k+ hits!


MCPF Penang Website Visitors’ Log kicked off 2019 with a January total of a very strong 5,537 hits. This compares well with the average of 2018 to 6,755 Visitors per month, largely buoyed by the 10th Asian Criminological Society Conference event. Matched against 2017’s 3,254.67 per month and 2016’s 1,445.10 per month it reflects that we have a strong following at a very steady range of 5k+ monthly hits.

For January 2019, the Maximum Unique Visitors per day was at a high 733 hits whilst the Minimum Unique Visitors per day sustained a steady 317 hits.

Past Events

  • RMP Penang host delegates from Bangladesh Police & IMEC at RMP Penang HQ

    The Royal Malaysia Police Penang Contingent hosted visitors from the Bangladesh Police Force at RMP Penang HQ on 26th March 2019. The Bangladesh Police / IMEC Entourage included Md Aurangzeb Mohbub (Additional DIG); S. M. Rokun Udin (Additional DIG); Mohammed Shahidullah Chowdury (Additional DIG); Senior Police Officers and Professor Dr. Selvaraj Oyyan (IMEC). YDH SAC…

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