MCPF Penang Website Visitors’ Log touches 18,033 Hits in 1st Quarter of 2019


MCPF Penang Website Visitors’ Log touched a Year-to-Date highest level of 6,932 in March 2019. This great level of Visitors’ Hit Rate makes 2019 first three months average to be at 6011.00 matched against 2017’s 3,254.67 per month and 2016’s 1,445.10 per month. The continuing trend of Visitors to MCPF Penang Website underlines that MCPF Penang have a steady and strong following which represents continuing and increasing keen interest on Crime Prevention and Awareness. For March 2019, the Maximum Unique Visitors per day was at a high 869 hits whilst the Minimum Unique Visitors per day sustained a steady 327 hits.

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