Past Events

On-site Inspection of Venue for Official Launch of “George Town Bandar Selamat” at Lexis Suite Hotel, Teluk Kumbar


MCPF Penang Vice-Chairman (II) Rosli Mohamad Ali, MCPF Penang SLC Member Yazid bin Razali and RMP Penang Contingent Crime Prevention and Community Safety Staff Officer (Community Policing) cum MCPF Penang Ex-Officio SLC Member YDH Supt. Saw Hock Tek demonstrated their dedication to execution of tasks by being at the Ballroom 3 & 4 of the Lexis Shite Hotel in Teluk Kumbar on the evening of 2nd November 2016 to ensure that it was ‘All Systems Go’ in the preparation for the Official Launching of “George Town Bandar Selamat Penang 2030 Billboard” that had been scheduled for the morning of 3rd November 2018.

Past Events

  • RMP Penang host delegates from Bangladesh Police & IMEC at RMP Penang HQ

    The Royal Malaysia Police Penang Contingent hosted visitors from the Bangladesh Police Force at RMP Penang HQ on 26th March 2019. The Bangladesh Police / IMEC Entourage included Md Aurangzeb Mohbub (Additional DIG); S. M. Rokun Udin (Additional DIG); Mohammed Shahidullah Chowdury (Additional DIG); Senior Police Officers and Professor Dr. Selvaraj Oyyan (IMEC). YDH SAC…

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