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    State Liaison Committee Meetings

    The key focus on these two meetings were to put into place and garner the commitment of all SLC Member to ensure implementation and success of the Programs, Activities and Events as brainstormed in its 21st December 2016 offsite planning session.  At the same time good developments were being made in the setting up of…

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    A Dinner Gathering

    It was a gathering of old friends for dinner at Auntie Lean’s Nyonya Restaurant in Bishop Street.  In attendance were Penang Chief Police Officer YDH CP Datuk Wira Chuah Ghee Lye, MCPF Penang SLC Chairman Dato’ Syed Jaafar Syed Ali, MCPF Federal Vice-Chairman Dato’ Sri Wira Ayub Yaacob, MCPF Penang Deputy Chairman Associate Professor Dr….

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    Decriminalize Use of Drugs

    THE world community is still perplexed by the complexity and challenges of drug addiction and drug use disorders. The idea that all drug use is dangerous, immoral and evil has led to stricter enforcement and extremely punitive policies in most nations. The consequences of detecting, arresting, prosecuting, and incarcerating drug users are devastating. The many…

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    The prelude to ‘mat rempit’

    This article first appeared on The Star. Image above sourced from The Star. PETALING JAYA: Modified frames, spruced-up handle bars, lowered front forks and safety brakes removed. These are some of the modifications done on bicycles used by school kids and teenagers in their dangerous mat lajak menace. Comprising mostly those aged 18 and below,…

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  • Task force to study alternative to death penalty; ex-CJ to lead

    The government has set up a special task force to study an alternative sentence to the mandatory death penalty. This is in line with the cabinet decision made on Aug 29, de facto Law Minister Liew Vui Keong said in a statement issued today. The special task force will be chaired by a former chief…

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