Penang State continues to sustain leadership in VSP Registrants per 100,000 population statistics


23rd March 2019: Nationwide total number of VSP membership now stands at 1,252,189 with new VSP membership standing at 643,749. Absolute numbers continue to place Selangor at 134,294 (versus 128,996 as at 17th January 2019) whilst Penang stood at an even 94,000 (up from 86,672 as at 17th January 2019). Total per 100,000 population has Penang state stretching its massive lead to 5,319 with Negri Sembilan sustaining its second position at 3,329. At the national level, 1,959 citizens out of every 100,000 have now been registered as new VSP registrants since 25th March 2017.
It is obvious that the continuing efforts of RMP Penang Contingent to garner the general population’s support in being the extra eyes and ears of the Royal Malaysia Police has kept Penang at where it is. NGO’s like MCPF and other like-minded Crime Prevention and Awareness advocates plays its critical role.

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