Penang State maintains its impressive leadership in Voluntary Smartphone Patrol (VSP) New Registrants per 100k population


As at 1st July 2019 and slightly over 27 months timeframe when new VSP Membership drive was initiated from 25th March 2017, VSP membership nationwide is now close to the 1.3M mark. Penang’s performance continues to be in the forefront. The ratio of new VSP membership per 100k population stands at 5,874 compared with N. Sembilan at 3,521 and Terengganu at 2,965 in 2nd and 3rd placing. Comparatively, measured in absolute numbers, Selangor is ahead at 141,692 with per 100k population now at 2,142. Malaysia’s overall new VSP registration has surpassed the 2,000 per 100k population chalking a countrywide stats of 2,065. The support of the public, efforts of NGOs like MCPF at State and District levels to promote the involvement of the citizens at being the potential eyes and ears of our ‘Men-in-Blue’ continues.

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