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Voluntary Smartphone Patrol (VSP): Penang continues its NUMBER 1 Rating per 100,000 population nationwide


Penang State continues to lead in the registration of new users for the Volunteer Smartphone Patrol Mobile Apps nationwide in the per 100,000 population stats. In sheer absolute numbers, it continues to be second and now has a substantial lead over the third placed state. These positive leadership measurements reflect the continuing efforts of PDRM Penang JPJKK in cognizance with other supportive parties like MCPF Penang, business entities and general public. Nationwide, a total of 528,856 new users have been registered since March 2017 averaging 37,775 new users per month. The state of Penang has registered and average of 4,726 new users per month in this 14 months of focused monitoring.

Past Events

  • MCPF Penang SLC Meeting 04/2018 @Bilik Mesyuarat Utama, IPK P. Pinang

    MCPF Penang State Liaison Committee held its 4th meeting for 2018 at Bilik Mesyuarat Utama, IPK P. Pinang on 31st May 2018. Chairman Dato’ Seri Syed Jaafar thanked all present and welcomed YDH Supt. Saw Hock Tek as PDRM JPJKK IPK P. Pinang’s ex-officio member replacing the now retired Supt. Zainudin Mahadi. Members present also…