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Angkatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia (APM) Celebration Dinner at G Hotel and other updates


Malaysian Civil Defense Force in Penang had significant events in early December 2018. International Volunteer Day (Hari Sukarelawan Antarabangsa) was celebrated on 2nd December 2018 with the meaningful Theme of “Volunteer Build Resilient Communities” (Sukarelawan Membina Komuniti Berdaya Tahan).

On 7th December 2018, MCPF Penang SLC Member / North-East DLC Vice-Chairman (II) Felix Chuah Gim Chuan was promoted from Major to Lt. Colonel. Syabas & Tahniah!

Angkatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia (APM) held their Celebration Dinner at G. Hotel on 9th December 2018. Spotted in their full regalia were MCPF EXCO / MCPF Penang SLC Member Lt. Col (PAB) Dato’ Ong Poh Eng, MCPF Penang SLC Member / North-East DLC Vice-Chairman (II) Lt. Col (PAB) Felix Chuah Gim Chuan and MCPF Penang SLC Member / SPS DLC Secretary Capt. (PAB) Paramguru Balan Moghan.

Past Events

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