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MCPF Penang Secretary cum SPT DLC Chairman EL Ching has defended his doctoral thesis at a ‘viva voce’ in USM


MCPF Penang extends its heartiest congratulations to its Secretary cum SPT DLC Chairman Mr. Ching Eng Leong for having ‘defended his doctoral thesis’ at a ‘viva voce’ (Latin for ‘by live voice’) or oral examination conducted at USM on 28th November 2018. This thesis defense, undoubtedly a daunting, yet enjoyable experience, in the pursuit of his PhD in Criminology, focusing on Cargo Theft in his research work, marks a major milestone in EL Ching’s quest for personal pursuit of academic excellence. He has toiled and burnt through the midnight oil under the guidance off renowned Criminologist Associate Professor Dr. P. Sundramoorthy who played the crucial role of being his Candidate Supervisor. EL Ching was fortunate to also have the effervescent Associate Professor Dr. Azrina bte Husin as the Candidate Co-Supervisor. The Panel Chairman was Professor Dr. Mohd Zubir bin Mat Jafri. EL Ching’s Panel of Examiners included Associate Professor Dr. Premalatha;, Professor Dr. Tay Yik Khoon and Associate Professor Dr. Azeem Farouk. Fellow MCPF Penang SLC Member Associate Professor Dr. Chua Soo Yean represented the Dean, School of Social Science. EL now has passed his ‘viva cove’ hurdle and pending corrections to his research work prior to submitting to the University Senate for final approval, he will soon see his ambitions fulfilled. EL is an asset to MCPF and makes us really proud to have him being amongst our leaders / stalwarts in Crime Prevention! Syabas and Tahniah Ching Eng Leong!

Past Events

  • RMP Penang host delegates from Bangladesh Police & IMEC at RMP Penang HQ

    The Royal Malaysia Police Penang Contingent hosted visitors from the Bangladesh Police Force at RMP Penang HQ on 26th March 2019. The Bangladesh Police / IMEC Entourage included Md Aurangzeb Mohbub (Additional DIG); S. M. Rokun Udin (Additional DIG); Mohammed Shahidullah Chowdury (Additional DIG); Senior Police Officers and Professor Dr. Selvaraj Oyyan (IMEC). YDH SAC…

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