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Voluntary Smartphone Patrol: Penang maintains its NUMBER 1 Rating per 100,000 population nationwide


The continuing stellar efforts of PDRM Penang Contingent to incorporate the general public’s support for the Voluntary Smartphone Patrol (VSP) downloads surpassed the 61k level as at 23rd April 2018. In terms of absolute numbers, Penang ranks 2nd nationwide. Most notable is that in terms of new registration per 100,000 population, Penang is at the top of all states / KL at 3,480 versus nationwide 1,572. MCPF Penang SLC / DLC will continue in its outstanding collaborative support with PDRM on this effort alongside the community at large.

Past Events

  • MCPF SPT/SPS participates in PDRM Dialogue Session with the Indian Community

    MCPF Penang Secretary / SPT DLC Chairman EL Ching, MCPF Penang Member / SPS DLC Secretary Paramguru Balan Moghan and SPT DLC Member Goh Hoe Eng attended a Dialog Session with the Indian Community organized by the OCPD of SPT YDH ACP Nik Ros Azhan Bin Nik Ab Hamid at St. Anne’s Church, Bukit Mertajam,…

  • Dialogue Session JPJKK P. Pinang with WCC (Women Centre for Change)

    On 25th April 2018, PDRM Penang JPJKK HOD YDH SAC Dato’ Mohamad Anil Shah led his team of Police Officers to meet up with WCC (Women Centre for Change) President Mariam Lim, Vice-Presidents Aloyah Bakar and Lalitha Menon, Secretary Lim Kah Cheng, Executive Director Loh Cheng Kooi, Project Officer Hana Husni and 5 other WCC…

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